1. All Auctions are voluntary and lots are sold on behalf of the vendor to the highest bidder at an advance above the second highest bid. In case of only one bid the lot will be sold at reserve price. Bids under reserve will not be accepted. When two or more bids are given on the same lot. If two bidders placed the same bid amount, the earlier bid takes priority.

2. Bids submitted are binding and cancellation is only acceptable if received before the closing date. We accept telephone, fax and e-mail bids at any time prior to the close. The right is reserved to withdraw any lot prior to sale.

3. All sales are in Swedish Kronor (SEK). The prices indicated are reserve prices. For auctions, bids under reserve price will not be accepted. Price on our online store stated as a fixed price . A successful bidder or Order shall be notified of lots purchased and must remit payment promptlyInterest at a rate of 2% per started month if the lot is not paid for within 10 days after receipt of invoice.

4. We charge 22% buyer´s premium incl. Swedish V.A.T. of final Hammer price of each lot, this rule applies to Mail-auctions and Internet Live-auctions. Postage, insurance and bank charges will also be added to all invoice. Even for those who are living outside of EU.

5. No checks or private money order are accepted. Buyer may send banknotes in REG cover well enclosed or by direct bank transfer to our account. TIMELY PAYMENT MUST BE MADE FOR THE RETURN PRIVILEGE TO BE EFFECT.

6. The bidder is responsible for fault mail bids. Collections can be rejected only in special cases when the description is mostly wrong. Collection can be stripped for lower postage. The ownership of the lots remain with the vendor until the full invoice amount has been paid. It´s the buyer´s responsibility and obligation to have lots fully insured for delivery. Risk of loss is to the buyer.

7. All lots are guaranteed to be genuine as described unless otherwise stated or sold “AS IS” are not returnable by whatever reasons. Any lot with incorrect description can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price paid provided that it is received intact within 30 days after sale. Collections and mixed lots are sold as is.

8. For Mail and internet live auctions, the following fixed increases of the bids are applied:

Level                        Raise
1 - 100                     10 SEK
100 - 500                 20 SEK
500 - 1500               50 SEK
1500 - 5000             100 SEK
5000 - 20000           200 SEK
20000 - 50000         250 SEK
50000 - 100000       500 SEK
Over 100000            1 000 SEK

9. We follow the “Philatelic Auctioneers Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale”. In case of legal conflicts the Swedish text will supersede the English one, and Swedish law is applicable.